Welcome to BealerMountainHome.com!  This site is all about the Best Colorado Vacation you can possibly have, and the best places to stay while you are there.  After 40 years of careful research, (as in playing in the mountains all over the state as well as many of the great places in other states), we have discovered a location for our mountain vacations that is so perfect we just have to keep coming back!  The Arkansas River Valley, and the towns of Buena Vista and Salida, provide access to the finest mountains in the state, the best river for whitewater rafting, amazing fishing, six wilderness areas, Browns Canyon National Monument, one great ski area, and best of all, we don’t have the crowds and traffic jams that have become standard at all the big name mega resorts.

Boys at Browns FallsWhen we vacation, our goal is to get out of the city, away from the crowds, and as close to the trees, mountains, and animals as we can, while still sleeping in comfortable beds at night.  Yeah, we’ve gone a little soft from our college days, but with older backs and younger children, having a house to stay in just makes the trip that much easier and more fun.  With a little bit of good fortune, we wound up owning two homes in the area, Elk Ridge and Adventure Central.  Depending on the kind of trip we are taking, and how many people are coming along, one of these houses is always perfect for our trip.

Dylan and Nicole Skiing1


Instead of leaving the homes empty, we rent them out when we are not there.  To one extent, the purpose of this website is to give you a chance to get to see the homes and the surrounding area, but we are taking it one step further.  We take our vacationing seriously, and feel that we have gotten pretty good at it.  We also want to share what we love about the area, what we have learned about how to have fun in the mountains as adults and with kids, and just some of the really cool stuff that we have found in the area that you won’t find in the typical vacation brochure.  In addition to pages about each of the homes with descriptions and lots of pictures, we have information on some of our favorite things to do, like hiking, fishing, mountain biking, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, skiing, dogsledding, snowmobiling, and watching wildlife.  

We have always thought that this area is truly special, and now there is a series of short videos that have been produced that highlight the Arkansas River Valley, and will give you some idea of why this place is so different from the “Mega Resort” areas.  Check out our video page HERE!  

If you haven’t already found it, we have put together a slideshow of the simply amazing scenery in the area, as captured by our friend and fantastic amateur photographer, Roxie Baber.  Be sure to take time to enjoy this one!

As our adventures continue, we will keep adding more information about the fun that you can have in the area.  Our goal is to have all the information you would need to plan the Colorado Vacation of a Lifetime. You can help by liking the pages on Facebook, and by sending links to our site to your friends.  Every little bit of word of mouth makes a difference.  Thanks for stopping by!